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The New England Rubber Men, along with Mr. New England Rubber 2017 Drew Ranger, send condolences on the passing of Mister International Rubber 15 (#MIR15) Sly Hands. Sly embodied the best of what any kink community should stand for: passion, inclusiveness and humility. Like all of us, he put his latex jeans on one leg at a time, and regardless of title or commitments, he took the time to mentor and welcome those new to the community, as well as give back by donating his time and artisitc eye to make so many look so good. All of us here in New England mourn with and support our brothers at the Manchester Rubbermen, Sly’s partner Alex Rubbaman and the many people Sly touched throughout his all too brief life. More info @ Automated post from New Englan

More info @
Automated post from New England Rubber Men –
June 20, 2017 at 01:11PM